Mohs Center of Richmond Dermatology

At Richmond Dermatology, we passionately inform and educate our patients about their skin. We believe healthy skin is beautiful and are committed to providing premium skincare that is safe, effective, and makes you feel good. That’s why we have invested in cancer-treatment technologies for our dedicated Mohs Surgery Center.

For patients concerned with or working to eradicate skin cancer, we encourage them to discuss Mohs Surgery with their physician. Mohs Surgery Center is considered the most effective treatment for removing basal cell carcinomas (BCCs) and squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mohs?

Mohs Surgery has the highest cure rate for skin cancer. It is a microscopically controlled technique performed to treat both common and rare types of skin cancer. Often, Mohs Surgery is the preferred skin care treatment for removing cancerous tissue on the head and neck. This is because of the technique’s proven success in decreasing the risk of recurrence. Furthermore, Mohs Surgery is highly effective in preserving as much healthy tissue as possible. Additional treatment areas include feet, ankles, shins, nipples, or genitals. Although Mohs Surgery is safe for the face and other sensitive regions, it is not safe for uncomplicated, non-melanoma skin cancer of less than one centimeter that’s located on the trunk or extremities. Our dedicated and caring physicians will help you determine if Mohs Surgery is the best solution for healthy, radiant skin. 

What can I expect from Mohs Surgery? 

Mohs Center of Richmond Dermatology is equipped with the newest technologies so we can treat you better. During the procedure, your physician removes thin layers of cancerous skin. Meanwhile, they analyze the impacted area using a precision microscope. As a result of this continual examination, our physicians ensure that 100% of the cancerous cells are removed. In addition, Mohs Surgery preserves the greatest amount of healthy tissues possible. 

When compared to other cancer-removing procedures, Mohs Surgery has an exceptionally high cure rate. To get started, meet with one of our experienced physicians. They will help explain your options and identify the best treatment plan for you.